7L is a functional-first performance brand that manages to fuse fashion with function and performance with style. Our technically advanced products harness a combination of innovative design, high performance fabrics and technical fabrication which creates a unique experience every time.



7L return with a nature-inspired SS21 collection dubbed MTP Collection...


"Manchester-based label 7L (SEVEN LAYER) is a relative newcomer to the scene but is already making waves with its blend of fashion, functionality and utilitarian design. The concept of layering is at the core of the brand. It’s all about the idea that layers can be removed or added to cope with any type of weather."

It was long understood that fashion and function were mutually exclusive. Comfort and performance were seen as somehow uncool and there was an acceptance of the fact that sometimes looking good came with a side order of suffering.


7L, or Seven Layer, create some of the most versatile clothing on the market combining military level practicality with a huge amount of style. Not two concepts that often find themselves put together. The Manchester-based technical wear specialist first came to our attention in a big way with the launch of the ORIGIN collection last year and we can’t wait for the new SS21 MTP System collection to drop in April.

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You could say that SEVENLAYER is taking the world of outerwear by storm, but then you’d have to forgive the dubious word play. The truth is, this newly thought-out military-inspired brand hailing from Manchester is on the rise. Despite the complications deriving from the pandemic, it’s going from strength to strength.


There’s something marvellously Madchester-centric about the cultural references that inspire Seven Layer CEO and creative director Jamie Lundy. ‘I’m an ’80s and ’90s kid, growing up in my early teens with The Haçienda, Stone Island, CP Company, Kickers, The Stone Roses, Oasis, City and United,’ he says. ‘Of course that’s going to inspire the label now and in the future.’ 


The inspiration behind the new MTP collection is the New British Forces Multi-Terrain Patter (MTP) Camouflage, a pattern that works in the forest, on a mountain or even in urban environments.


It's not easy starting a business full-stop, especially during a global pandemic and alongside launching a flagship retail store! But that’s exactly what the 7L team have achieved in just 18 months under businessman, engineer and entrepreneur Jamie Lundy.


The Origin System was officially launched in October 2020. It's the first collection solely under the direction of the Owner and newly appointed Creative Director Jamie Lundy.