Bringing Cotton back to Britain! Welcome to our new British Made Hoodies!

About 18 months ago 7L started a mission to bring more textile design and manufacturing back to Britain and especially back to Manchester. Around the same time, English Fine Cottons were on a similar mission, to produce some of the world's finest quality cotton yarns right here in the NORTH WEST OF ENGLAND. The cotton manufacturing industry's spiritual home.

Collectively, EFC's team has hundreds of years of cotton spinning experience and knowledge.  With a focus on innovation, quality and the latest technology, 7L & EFC are helping to ensure cotton spinning in Britain has a sustainable future.

EFC's state-of-the-art cotton spinning facility – the first to be established in the UK for more than 50 years – has been built inside a refurbished Victorian cotton mill. 

The Mill, named Tower Mill, in Dukinfield near Manchester, was first used for cotton spinning in 1886 when it was home to around 44,000 spindles.  Now, it houses one of the most advanced and productive textile manufacturing facilities in the world.

Welcome to 7L's Manchester Designed and Made Extraction Hoodie. The first in Manchester by 7L x EFC.

Pick your 'Normal Size" for "Oversize Look". 

Pick one "Size Down" for a "Standard Look".


Chest Measurement = 36in - 38in (91cm-96cm) 


Chest Measurement = 38in - 40in (96cm-101 cm)


Chest Measurement = 40in - 42in (101cm-106 cm)

X Large

Chest Measurement = 42in - 44in (106cm-111 cm)