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Our AW19 and SS20 systems are designed and manufactured using Swiss fabrics and technologies from Schoeller, Switzerland. Schoeller Textile AG are one of the world's leading textile manufacturer's and innovators. High-quality fabrics and knitted fabrics are produced under the “Schoeller Switzerland” brand.  Below, highlight in brief the technology behind the TREK SYSTEM.
3XDRY®: Three times dry – the feel good technology 
Dry on the outside. Dry on the inside. Dry in a flash. 3XDRY® is a textile finishing technology that combines two functions into one textile. On the outside the textile is water repellent and significantly less susceptible to stains. The inside of the textile absorbs and distributes moisture over the surface. As a result, textiles with 3XDRY® dry very quickly. Perspiration marks are practically invisible from the outside. Additionally, moisture evaporates close to skin to assist the natural cooling process of the body.
The outside of the textile is water and dirt repellent.
At the same time, on the inside of the textile perspiration is quickly absorbed and transported away from the body. Moisture is distributed over the surface and evaporates rapidly. As a result, textiles with 3XDRY® dry much faster in comparison to conventional textiles.
Care / Properties of 3XDRY®
  • natural cooling effect
  • minimizes perspiration marks
  • highly abrasion resistant
  • no effect on the breathability
  • washable and easy care
  • reactivation of function through tumble drying or ironing

Natural cooling effect:
3XDRY® stimulates the natural cooling effect during an active phase. Measurements on the right present a textile finished with 3XDRY® in comparison to an untreated fabric. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the technology, the tested fabric samples show a temperature difference of up to -3° C after the active phase.

3XDRY® is based on state-of-the-art C6 fluorochemicals (i.e. molecule chains consisting of 6 carbon atoms). Even with highly sensitive measurement methods, which detect impurities as small as 25 ppb (parts per billion), neither PFOA nor PFOS were found on fabrics treated with 3XDRY® technology. It combines modern functionality and the safety requirements that will apply to fluorochemicals in the future. The possible secondary components of C6-chemical (for example PFHxA = perfluorohexanoicacid) have a more favourable safety profile than products based on longer chain chemistry.

In comparison to light colours, dark colours absorb more heat in direct sunlight. The heat absorption can be reduced to a minimum with Coldblack®, the UVA- and UVB-protection textile finish from Schoeller Technologies. Coldblack® reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun’s rays. Consequently, the wear comfort of textiles can be noticeably improved.

Dark-coloured textiles absorb both visible and invisible sunlight, meaning both heat and light. In all types of textiles, Coldblack® reduces this absorption of thermal radiation. This function is particularly effective in the case of darker colours. The result is a noticeably better heat management.

In addition, the technologies offer reliable protection from UV rays, which is particularly important for light-coloured textiles. A UPF of 30 (minimum) is guaranteed for all colours and textiles, without the feel or look of the product being affected. As a result, textiles with Coldblack® can make an effective contribution to protecting against harmful UV rays.

The Bionic Climate Membrane
When involved in sporting activity, while motor cycling or during outdoor activities, the individual is exposed to varying climatic conditions and levels of physical exertion. C_change, the new membrane technology from Schoeller®, reacts to the different temperatures and activities. As soon as greater moisture is produced as a result of a higher prevailing temperature or greater body heat, the membrane structure opens and allows excess heat and water vapour to escape to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy, and consequently less moisture, the membrane structure contracts again. Body heat is then stored and protection from shivering and chilling built up. 
Inspired by nature
C_change the new membrane technology from Schoeller® takes nature as its role model. Or more precisely, the effect which, for example, can be observed in pine cones which open and close in response to different weather conditions. 
Reacts to changing temperatures and activities.
The C_change membrane reacts to different prevailing conditions. It takes into account not only the temperature but also humidity and body moisture. 
Ensures a pleasant body climate
Due to the high level of breathability, combined with heat retention adapted to the particular situation, C_change ensures a consistently ideal body climate. 
 Wind and water proof
The C_change membrane is permanently wind and waterproof, ensuring protection no matter what the weather. 
Offers a high level of breathability
The water vapour permeability of C_change adapts perfectly to the prevailing conditions. 
 C_change – further arguments that speak for themselves:
    • The C_change membrane can be processed into membrane solutions ranging from non-elastic to highly-elastic.
    • Tested in practice under extreme conditions.
    • The C_change™ membrane conforms to the Bluesign® standard*. 
Dry and comfortable inside and out
Schoeller®-WB-formula offers you the best protection against wind and rain. The lightweight fabric is ideal for all outdoor activities requiring highly breathable clothing that is water and wind proof. Due to the high elasticity of the membrane, the material can be tailored to provide greater freedom of movement to enhance performance.

Basic properties:
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Moisture vapour permeable
  • High level of comfort 
1. Water and wind proof stretch fabric
2. Breathable C_change™ climate membrane
3. Comfortable lining with triple layer weave
Elastic materials laminated to a new PU membrane technology utilising state of the art types of  breathable lamination systems available in either two-layer or three-layer construction.  

PCM - The Principle
The name Phase Change Materials is a collective term for materials which are capable of changing their state of matter within a certain temperature range: from solid to liquid and from liquid to solid (this is known as "phase change"). The simplest example is water, which turns into ice at 0 °C and into steam at 100 °C.
In order to physically incorporate Phase Change Materials in textiles, they are enclosed in a protective wrapping (a microcapsule with a diameter of just a few microns). This is to prevent leakage during the liquid phase and to ensure that the garment can stand the effects of washing, cleaning and the weather.
Ideal bearer materials for these microcapsules, which enclose the Phase Change Material, are fibres,  coatings and foam, which can be added to different materials such as fleece, tricots or fabrics.
A product of Schoeller–PCM™ contains Phase Change Materials, enclosed into innumerable tiny microcapsules which react to temperature fluctuations. At a certain temperature, their aggregate condition changes: from liquid to solid and vice-versa. The Phase Change Material in the microcapsules has been set to a particular temperature range. If the body temperature or the outside temperature rises, the excess warmth is stored. When the temperature drops, the previously-stored warmth is released again. In other words: Schoeller®-PCM™ actively balances out temperature extremes.

The result:
Products with Schoeller®-PCM™ always ensure the very own comfort climate. Even with extreme fluctuations in temperature, the wearer never feel too cold or too warm, and the performance level is maintained.
  • Aerospace Technology: Phase Change Materials were developed for NASA.
  • Dynamic Climate Control: Schoeller®-PCM™ actively balances out temperature extremes.
  • Schoeller®-PCM™ creates a personal comfort climate. Performance is retained even under the most extreme conditions.
  • In addition to a temperature-regulating function, Schoeller®-PCM™ offers the following properties: High breathability and moisture-regulation.

Energear™: Save your energy!
Far infrared rays and their positive properties have long been highly regarded within the practice of Asian medicine. The Chinese Qi is frequently translated as “natural energy,” “energy flow” or “life force” and ions the central principal in Asian Medicine.
More and more people notice that not only well-being but also performance increases when energy balance and energy flow are in harmony. Schoeller Technologies offers the ability to transfer this function onto textiles. energear™ reflects the radiated Far Infrared Rays back to the body. This can have a positive influence on the body and its energy balance.
Far infrared rays are part of the infrared ray spectrum and are radiated by the sun, many stones and metals, as well as by the human body. Certain minerals can reflect this radiated energy.
Energear™ consists of a titanium-mineral matrix that has exactly these reflection properties. The technology is applied through a textile finishing or printing process and reflects the far infrared rays back to the body.
Energear™ can affect the body‘s level of energy and can have a number of positive effects on the human body*:
  • enhance general well-being and balance, even when sleeping
  • faster recovery and prevention of premature fatigue
  • increased concentration and performance
Care/properties of Energear™:
  • high wash resistance
  • easy care
  • no effect on the breathability
  • wide range of possible uses
  • mostly suitable for dry cleaning 

Ecorepel® Bio – Water-repelling on the basis of renewable primary products
The plant cuticle is the very outer layer of leaves which protects them from uncontrolled evaporation. This wafer-thin waxy film enveloping the leaves and stems is responsible for the familiar way that water droplets run off in the morning dew or in heavy rain. This effect is the exact inspiration for Ecorepel® Bio.
Ecorepel® Bio imitates plants’ natural protection with the aid of a high performance, permanently odourless high-tech finish. It is PFC-free and is obtained entirely from renewable primary products. The finish envelopes the fibres of the fabric in a thin film, providing the repellent effect which allows water droplets and aqueous dirt to run off the surface.
  • Water and dirt repelling
  • Ecological
  • Laundry and abrasion resistant
Care/Properties of Ecorepel® Bio
  • Fluorocarbon-free
  • Outstanding wash resistance
  • No impact on breathability (in accordance with ISO 11092)
  • No impact on feel
  • Diverse application options
  • Reactivation of the function through heat treatment (depending on material, iron or tumble dryer; do not use fabric conditioner)

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