B A S E   L A Y E R S


As our New Base Layers near completion and poised for bulk manufacturing, we thought we'd take a moment to explain what our Layer 1 properties can offer you.

Our Base Layers are the first layers within our 'System (s)' that can be worn all year round and can be used in multiple activities such as walking, trekking, fashion, exploring or active sports. 

 Not only will they look amazing they are being designed and engineered to work for you!  Primarily they will be taking moisture away from your skin and dispersing it onto the surface of the fabric where it will evaporate sweat into the air allowing quick drying times ensuring an efficient body cooling process with no chills or shivering during rest periods.

"The Wicking Base Layer"

Layer 1's will come complete with the antibacterial properties and have no unpleasant odours that develop during strenuous physical activity; a feature which is retained over long periods.  We are currently testing with numerous materials including Merino Wool materials to bring you the ultimate premium Base Layers.

Layer 1 // Coming Soon.