Manchester Made

Cottonopolis – Manchester was the epicentre of the UK cotton industry supplying the world with cotton products was once the almost-exclusive domain of the UK. Manchester and the towns surrounding the city were known as ‘Cottonopolis’.  The city was the epicentre of the country’s cotton industry when Britain was responsible for eighty per cent of global cotton yarn and fabric production.

Our CEO Jamie Lundy, who has worked in the Manchester manufacturing industry for 20+ years (albeit engineering) is passionate about bringing more of 7L's manufacturing back home. Lundy says, "I feel it's important to use as much local resource and build a "Quality Focused" localised supply chain as much as possible. Not only will this provide more employment, it helps economies and gives the brand more options and flexibility to ensure we meet our customers needs. As a performance driven, technical brand, many of our products use innovative materials and techniques, which presently, we don't have the machines or skillset here in the UK to produce, but that doesn't mean it can't happen in the future. I'm very keen to talk to local factories and company's like English Fine Cottons to see where we could be in the next ten years.


"Presently we are working with EFC in producing our first 'Manchester Made' Tees, Crew Sweaters and hoody's. 

 English Fine Cottons’ yarns are spun in a former Victorian cotton mill on the banks of the River Tame in Dukinfield, just outside Manchester – underlining our pride in our heritage and adding authenticity to our mission to bring cotton spinning back to its spiritual home.

Our roots are in textile manufacturing, and we’ve never lost touch with the skills associated with cotton spinning.

We take pride in our knowledge and expertise.  With our highly skilled local workforce, we’re helping to ensure cotton spinning in Britain has a sustainable future

 Our mission to bring cotton spinning back to its spiritual home in the North West of England has been several years in the making. Now we've launched English Fine Cottons as the only commercial cotton spinner in the UK.

The multi-million-pound restoration of Tower Mill nears completion and we're breathing new life into a British industry that used to be the envy of the world. Our Victorian former cotton mill is now home to the most modern cotton spinning facility anywhere.

We've created a true ‘Made in Britain’ business, sourcing premium raw materials globally to produce some of the finest quality cotton yarns available. Now UK designers and garment manufacturers can access home-spun luxury yarns and truly claim British provenance.

Welcome to our website. Here, we’ll keep you up-to-date with information, news, pictures and videos – stay with us on the journey and be part of the story.

Our state-of-the-art cotton spinning facility – the first to be established in the UK for more than 50 years – has been built inside a refurbished Victorian cotton mill.

Tower Mill, in Dukinfield near Manchester, was first used for cotton spinning in 1886 when it was home to around 44,000 spindles.  Now, it houses one of the most advanced and productive textile manufacturing facilities in the world today.

Collectively, our team has hundreds of years of cotton spinning experience and we take pride in our knowledge and expertise.  With a focus on innovation, quality and service and by combining our traditional skills, lean management and the latest technology, we are helping to ensure cotton spinning in Britain has a sustainable future.