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Energear™: Save your energy! 

Far infrared rays and their positive properties have long been highly regarded within the practice of Asian medicine. The Chinese Qi is frequently translated as “natural energy,” “energy flow” or “life force” and ions the central principal in Asian Medicine.

More and more people notice that not only well-being but also performance increases when energy balance and energy flow are in harmony. Schoeller Technologies offers the ability to transfer this function onto textiles. energear™ reflects the radiated Far Infrared Rays back to the body. This can have a positive influence on the body and its energy balance.

Far infrared rays are part of the infrared ray spectrum and are radiated by the sun, many stones and metals, as well as by the human body. Certain minerals can reflect this radiated energy.

Energear™ consists of a titanium-mineral matrix that has exactly these reflection properties. The technology is applied through a textile finishing or printing process and reflects the far infrared rays back to the body.

Energear™ can affect the body‘s level of energy and can have a number of positive effects on the human body*:

  • enhance general well-being and balance, even when sleeping
  • faster recovery and prevention of premature fatigue
  • increased concentration and performance

Care/properties of Energear™:

  • high wash resistance
  • easy care
  • no effect on the breathability
  • wide range of possible uses
  • mostly suitable for dry cleaning 

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