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The Vision of a North Country Boy

The heady days of the Manchester scene provide an important strain for the 7L business, a technical outwear brand that carries functional, innovative design and brings it together with a style and character fit for a new-wave movement.
Stockport born entrepreneur and award-winning engineer, Jamie Lundy is at the helm of the business and responsible for driving his vision for the production of the most 'technically advanced luxurious outwear garments’ available.
Featuring a completely unique SEVEN LAYER system that allows each wearer to layer up or down, according to environmental conditions, the product is inspired by the US Military Generation III Extended Climate Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) with performance and unrivalled confidence staple to design.
With an attention to detail that has been manifested over the years, Lundy’s creative skill-set has been transferred organically to an industry that he not only knows well, but has an in-built passion for and one centred around the love for his city. 
"Over the past few years I think Manchester has struggled for an identity. After the 90’s, with the demise of the music scene, the city slowed down with the Northern Quarter clinging on to its character and culture. Now, it feels as though something is happening again - it’s great to see and be involved with,” he says.
Following the sale of his family business, Lundy indulged in his passion for photography, which via a friend, led him to come across 7L, a brand he says had an immediate appeal with designs, fabrics and manufacturing already at a different level.
With a new challenge something he was on the lookout for, Lundy revisited 7L, taking over the business and spending the past three years refining, living and breathing the brand to work out the path ahead.
“With a background in engineering, my attention to detail and quality is very strong, as is my ability to work within the confines of ethical sourcing and the environment,” says Lundy so the shift to taking over at 7L was quite a logical transition."
The time spent re-building the infrastructure of the brand has been well worth it according to Lundy, who wants 7L to grow organically with the heritage of its military design a consistent factor and innovation of fabric integral to its longevity.
“The whole concept feels very exciting and fresh. The technical fabrics, amazing colourful designs and the layering elements mean that 7L can be worn for many different purposes, by many different people and for many different occasions,” he says “I'm surrounding myself with a young creative team and fantastic designers to help bring that vision to life and to maintain it.”
With the obvious challenges in establishing a brand within today’s retail environment, Lundy remains focussed on breathing new-wave Manchester through 7L’s products to help keep the vibe of one of the UK’s coolest city’s alive.

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