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7L Store News

Article by: Robin Clemenson

Date: 03-04-21

December 2020 marked the opening of the SEVENLAYER flagship store in Alderley Edge following a tremendous reception to the launch of the brand’s inaugural winter ORIGIN collection back in October 2020.

The brainchild and founder of SEVENLAYER CEO Jamie Lundy and at the mercy of the creative hands of designer Chris Vandrill, SEVENLAYER is carving a highly respected brand authority both in terms of the name and product.

Specialising in fusing fashion with function they are creating the most thoroughly designed outerwear pieces on the market today and adhering to their moniker of ‘where fashion meets function and performance meets style’.

SEVENLAYER combines the sartorial heritage of the US Marine 7 Layer System with the technical modernity of new-wave product. Already an authority.

“The launch of the shop has come from both a necessity and a need,” says Lundy. “Having the space to work in and be able to interact with the public is extremely important. We are inclusive, not exclusive and part of our brand values is to be totally transparent and to stand by our garments.”

Designed by award-winning London creative agency BusbyWebb, the SEVENLAYER store brings together the brand's clean-lines and almost ‘Scandinavian’ appearance set against the definitive and often vibrant garments on show.

“We decided on Alderley Edge as it’s important to cultivate a regional access and to take the brand on a journey, it’s also the village I live,” says Lundy. “We have designed alongside BusbyWebb to make the store look dynamic and inviting, but without any over-indulgence, which mirrors the process behind how we design our garments. Everything for a reason.”

Already working hard on future collections which will see the outwear offer evolve considerably, both Lundy and Vandrill are looking forward to April 2021 where customers can move freely in the new environment.

“It has been really successful already even with the rules and restrictions,” says Lundy “We have operated fundamentally as a pop-up and performed extremely well, but we would love to be able to activate the space properly with events and bespoke evenings and a free-moving customer flow,” he adds. "I suppose we just need to be patient a little longer, then we can share 7L with everyone".

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