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Published by Complex UK's Style Editor Sam Cole.


Technical performance wear has a new face. Heralding from the streets of Manchester is 7L, the outerwear brand ready to shake up the industry with a cutting-edge aesthetic. 

For those looking to tackle the world head-on, whether it be the explorers of urban cityscapes or nature's steeped hills, technical performance wear is an action-driven world steeped in style. This highly specified field of design is home to some of the fashion industries most impressive brands, helmed by the likes of Acronym, Arc'teryx, and Salomon, just to name a few. While there is no doubt that these brands are delivered with exceptionally strong aesthetic finishes; their driving force is performance, facing both the elements and urban obstacles with ease. 

Stepping into the world of performance and making their mark almost instantaneously is Manchester's newcomer, 7L. Taking their name from the Military tested ‘7 Layer Clothing System’ created by the U.S. Army's Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Centre, the beauty of the brand is that it does exactly what it says on the tin. The weather protection system that has inspired the brand's overall direction was developed for complete protection across all seven continents, nailing down the hatches against cold, wind, and rain. Described by the brand's team as 'performance wear at its best', 7L has looked at each of the challenges posed by layering for protection, and the elements themselves, to ensure each product fulfils its purpose to the highest quality possible. In ensuring that each layer of protection combats perspiration on the skin and restricted movement, innovative textiles have been used throughout the design process.

Fabric selection is of the utmost importance to each outerwear component, with 7L's product lineup built to include intelligent technical fabrics sourced from mills including Schoeller, F.O.V., Toyota, and Polartec. The final result is high-quality, tested reliability built to retain optimum core body temperature and reduce the risk of discomfort and chill. Research and development have remained at the core of the brand to such a degree that function, protection, comfort, reliability, and freedom have been nailed down, without neglecting the consumer desire for unique aesthetics. 7L excels stylistically with an exciting colour palette that spans black through pink, purple, and green, across a range of outerwear styles. 

Commenting on the foundations of the brand, Jamie Lundy, Chairman and CEO said: “7L is a forward-thinking, functional-first outerwear brand that utilises advanced fabric technologies, expert design and the world's best pioneering manufacturing techniques to fuse fashion with function and performance with style, creating luxury apparel that is aesthetically fashionable, confidently functional, and environmentally sustainable”.

Take a closer look inside the world of 7L's Autumn/Winter 2019 campaign below, and get familiar with their current product selection via their online store. 


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7L Drops Latest Capsule of Military-Inspired Outerwear

7L Drops Latest Capsule of Military-Inspired Outerwear


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