Our Delivery Service - Honesty!

A message from the owner Jamie Lundy:

Over the past few weeks we have seen our orders exponentially increase as we fast approach Christmas. Obviously great news for us as a brand as it shows what we are designing, engineering and manufacturing for our followers and fans, they are enjoying. This is amazing as it will help us grow and maintain our teams focus on delivering next years collections.

With so many businesses and brands struggling through this pandemic we are extremely grateful to everyone who is getting behind us and investing your hard earned cash into our pieces. 

We pride ourselves in the principles of quality management and a "value for money experience" but, as our sales have dramatically increased over the past month or two, we have been a little overwhelmed with orders and deliveries with delivery times slipping.

We will endeavour to improve this service straight away. Our delivery timeframes are currently anything between 2 - 5 days. We will aim to improve this to 2 days maximum.

Thanks everyone for your support it really does mean a lot.




November 04, 2020 — Jamie Lundy